Embrace the Camera

On the way to the (failed to launch) shuttle launch

Mike and I at the (failed to launch) shuttle launch two weeks ago. 

Embrace the Camera with the Andersons!



Ze Blimp!

Mike's grandpa helped design one of the Good Year blimps and is still consulted on some of their projects.  So Mike grew up around the blimps and even helped to build one while he worked for Good Year the summer before college and Mike's been on multiple blimp rides, but I certainly have not.  So, Grandpa Block made the connection for us and we made the long drive down to Pompano Beach to take a ride on the blimp.  It was quite fun! We got there just in time to see the flight before us take off and then met up with a guy Mike worked with back in Ohio who took us on a tour of the hanger and told us all about how it all works.  And then we boarded the blimp and took a nice little jaunt down the south beach coastline, with nice views of the coast and some ridiculous houses.  Mike and our friend Rob even got to fly for a little while. (both love planes and flying and just thought that was the coolest thing!) :)  It was definitely a unique experience - the windows open, the nose can be at a 45 degree angle and it's no big deal, etc.  But definitely fun and unique! Thanks Grandpa Block! You rock! :)

Here are some pics from our trip:

 Looking out from the hanger where the blimp is stored:
 About to get in the cabin, (note the guy hanging out to the bottom of them blimp, in an attempt to stabilize it - it was windy): 

Up in the air, looking down the coastline:

Mike got a chance to pilot the blimp:

It's a pretty small cabin.  This is me looking backwards from the co-pilot's seat:

As we come in to land, the crew grabs the lines to stabilize the blimp:

The three adventurers in front of the blimp: