Advent Calendar - Day 25

My favorite radio station The JoyFM did a Christmas montage, telling the story of Christmas with some great songs as well as a telling of the story with a really cool chalk sketchings.  I thought it was the perfect video and audio to post for Christmas day. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

The video with the sketchings:

And the audio music montage:


Advent Calendar - Day 24

I am a big Peanuts fan and I've always loved Linus's explanation of what Christmas is all about.


Advent Calendar - Day 23

This Christmas has been a crazy Christmas.  It's been really busy and there have been some really exciting things, like my sister finding out she's pregnant with a baby girl and two of our friends having babies.  However, it's also been a tough Christmas season.  After a year and a half of trying, I'm still not pregnant, our one friend's baby is in the NICU because he was born two months premature, our other friend's newborn just had open heart surgery, and my niece is not yet home from Ethiopia.  So lately I haven't been feeling very Christmasy.  

This song reminded me that Christmas isn't about me or how I feel.  It's about rejoicing in the birth of our Savior.  It's not a traditional Christmas song, but it is a bonus track on my SheDaisy Christmas CD. 

"the far off hymn, that hails a new Creation"

"through all the toil and the strife, i hear the music ringing, it finds an echo in my soul" 

How Can I Keep From Singing by SheDaisy


Advent Calendar - Day 22

I've heard this many times from many different people, but this is always a fun one:

12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser



Advent Calendar - Day 21

Busy day = Short blog post


When Love Was Born by Mark Schultz


Advent Calendar - Day 20

Dara MaClean is a new artist as of this past year.  I really like her music and the groove it has.  

She came out with a Christmas song that has the same kind of groove, but the joy and story of Christmas.  

The Day That Love Was Born by Dara MaClean

(Sorry, this song is so new there's not video for it on YouTube... but if you go to the site below, you can listen to it through a music player towards the bottom of the page.)




Advent Calendar - Day 19

Over the past week, my parents have been counting which Christmas songs they hear on the radio and how many times.  On the stations they listen to O Holy Night is in the lead.  ...And I'm sure they're sick of it.  But I really like this version. 

O Holy Night by Shane and Shane


Advent Calendar - Day 18

I didn't really catch the lyrics to this song the first time I heard it, but when I did... It's SO good! My oldest sister told me that this is her favorite new Christmas song. 

Amazing lyrics! 

"This Savior in a manager changes everything"

Jesus is Alive by Josh Wilson


Advent Calendar - Day 17

I love this twist on the classic:

Joy to the World by Chris Tomlin



Advent Calendar - Day 16

I almost always listen to The Joyfm radio station.  Their afternoon guy, Jayar, stated this was his favorite new Christmas song this year.  

I like that everyone can sing along with lyrics like "doodoot da doot doot dooo" and the video reminds me to see Christmas through the eyes of a child, eager, and with anticipation. 

Born Is The King (It's Christmas) by Hillsong



Advent Calendar - Day 15

I have always been a fan of the classic voices, and while he's a modern singer, Michael Buble is definitely a classic voice.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Michael Buble


Advent Calendar - Day 14

I had heard this song before, but my middle sister reintroduced it to me the other week and after truly listening it, I love it!  For some reason this year the word Hallelujah just hits me and makes me open up and feel very worshipful.    


Here With Us by Joy Williams


Advent Calendar - Day 13

As my husband and I were discussing what makes Christmas christmasy to each of us, I talked about how it was the traditions that really made it christmasy to me.  However, ever since I had family move out of state, other family members pass away, and I moved out of my parents' house, the season just hasn't felt the same to me.  

But there were certain tapes and later CDs that were always played in our house.  The Oak Ridge Boys was one of them.  This song, while not entirely Christmas specific, was always played, and definitely speaks to the joys of having a child's excitement about Christmas. 

Thank God for Kids by the Oak Ridge Boys


Advent Calendar - Day 12

So the other day as my husband (the other M in this MnM equation) and I were talking about what makes Christmas christmasy to us, we discussed his love of snow.  He loves snow and skiing and the idea of warming up by a fire when it's cold outside.  So needless to say, he looks forward to going up north to see the snow.  Well this year he's distraught, as it has been rather warm up north, and he's very concerned that there won't be any snow when he arrives. 

So I heard this song the other day for the first time and have to dedicate it to him, because I think he would enjoy living in a snow globe. Love you hunnie!

Snow Globe by Matt Wertz



Advent Calendar - Day 11

One Christmas when I was in high school or college, as we were decorating our house, we always listened to a variety of Christmas tunes, and all of a sudden laughter breaks out in the living room.  I go upstairs to the living room to find my dad conducting Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve/Saravejo to an imaginary orchestra.  We laughed hysterically and I think of my dad every time that song comes on.  We still encourage him to conduct the imaginary orchestra, but it doesn't happen too often.  

I love the way little things leave such wonderful memories.

Christmas Eve/Saravejo by the Trans Siberian Orchestra



Advent Calendar - Day 10

So I've heard Matthew West's One Last Christmas before the Christmas season, but heard his new song the Heart of Christmas just recently.  

Matthew tells the story of the Locke family here:

Dax actually lived through the calendar year and passed away early the next January.  You can see all the lights that neighbors, towns and people all around the world put up for Dax at the family's website.  You can also donate to the Dax Locke Foundation, visit their shop that supports the foundation, and donate to St. Jude's on the Locke's site.  

This year the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) made a movie out of the Locke's story.  You can find out about the movie and where to see it here: http://theheartofchristmasmovie.com/  And with the movie, Matthew West wrote a new song, a song about the message that the Locke family wants to share with everyone, to cherish every moment that you have with those you love, and let them know that you love them every day. 

The Heart of Christmas by Matthew West



Advent Calendar - Day 9

Today was a crazy day.  I had a bunch of extra work added to a project at work with a whole bunch of changes, stayed late and then got stuck in traffic going home.  So all I want to do it now is relax and forget about what's waiting for me on Monday morning. 

I loved this song when I first heard it and it's a nice chill song... something I needed today... Enjoy!

Winter Snow by Audrey Assad



Advent Calendar - Day 8

So I swear this year is the first time I've ever heard this song, but it must a couple years old because there are videos of it from past years.  I love Francesca Battistelli's songs usually and I love this one too.  It's a song from Mary's perspective and the following lines always catch me:

"Look at your hands, they're still so small.  Someday you're going to stretch them out and save us all."
"Someday you're gonna go home again, but you'll leave your spirit and flood the world with joy."

How exciting!  I just think it's a beautiful song with a great message and perspective.

"You could have left us on our own, but You're here...."

You're Here by Francesca Battistelli



Advent Calendar - Day 7

Five years ago today my cousin Chrissy was killed in a car crash.  I can still remember getting the call from my parents and every year it gives me pause during this time of joy and celebration.  I think of her frequently, but even more so today.  

In celebration of Chrissy's life and the friends we shared through dance, today's song is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.



Advent Calendar - Day 6

I was never a big fan of the song I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.  Until I heard Mark Hall of Casting Crowns explain that the song came from a poem entitled Christmas Bells by Longfellow and how he wrote the poem in the deepest, darkest time of the civil war and after his wife had just died.  Check out the full explanation (he says it much better than me) here: http://web.thejoyfm.com/jr/casting2.mp3

And this is the song:

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns



Advent Calendar - Day 5

This is by far one of my favorite songs.  It has a triple meaning.  

1. Any parent I've ever known has said having a baby completely changed their life.
2. Jesus came as a baby and changed everything for the world.
3. When you accept Christ, your life is forever changed.

Faith Hill sings it beautifully... It's just such a good song.  Enjoy...

A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill


Advent Calendar - Day 4

I feel like this song draws a picture and really reminds me/helps me to picture how crazy it was for Jesus to come to this crazy world, how lost the world is without Him. 

Christmas has always represented a happy time of year but this song depicts the true joy of this occasion, for how lost would we be without Him. 

The Night Before Christmas by Brandon Heath


Advent Calendar - Day 3

Lately, life's been a little busy and while I'm doing my best to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season.... I don't feel like I'm doing a very good job. (whoopsy!) So, I heard this song today and knew it had to be the song for the day.  Hoping I can get my holiday stress under control and start enjoying this beautiful season. 

I Need A Silent Night by Amy Grant


Advent Calendar - Day 2

Whenever this song comes on I can't help but dance in my chair... 
See if you can resist...

Most Beautiful Time Of The Year by Beckah Shae


Advent Calendar - Day 1

Music, on the generally whole, really means a lot to me.  It can change my mood in an instant and move me to tears.  So after doing one thing to be thankful for each day in November, I figured it would be a nice little Advent calendar kind of way to prepare myself for Christmas if I did one song each day in December leading up until Christmas day.  

So here's December 1st:

He Has Come For Us (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) by Meredith Andrews