The Best Laid Plans...

We all have goals.  
When we're little, we all dream of being something, doing something when we grow up. 
We all make plans.  

Then when you grow up, you realize that your plans don't always work out and your dreams don't always come true.  For many things, if you work hard enough for it and want it bad enough, you can achieve it. However, there are those dreams and plans that just won't work out for you because of circumstances beyond your control. Accepting those things, or even accepting that now may not be the time for those dreams and goals (no matter how badly you want it to be) can be hard. Disheartening. But you have to look forward, create new plans, new dreams. 

I will look forward towards my new goals, my new dreams.  The key may not be thrown away to the locked  door in front of me, but right now, it is lost.  And though I mourn the loss of the key, I will strive for my new dreams with all my heart