Surgery, Again

So, we're back in the hospital.

We came in for a post-op follow up from April's shunt revision and after reading the MRI's, decided her shunt isn't working.
Our neurosurgeon is now considering her for a procedure called a third ventriculostomy. It would basically create a path for the cerebral-spinal fluid to flow on its own, eliminating the need for a shunt - since her body apparently doesn't like them anyway.

An MRI tomorrow morning will tell us more. They'll take her straight from MRI to surgery and depending on what they see in the MRI either do the third ventriculostomy or just a shunt revision.

They also discovered that part of her one ventricle had closed itself off from the other part of the ventricle. So they're going to fix that while they're in there.

For now, they're putting off the full craniotomy they had talked about as a possibility to repair a dura leak. The hope is with less pressure, the dura will heal itself. So that's the good news. 

The super crappy part of this is that Mike's brother is getting married on Saturday and we were really looking forward to celebrating with them and hanging out with some good family and friends in the upcoming weeks. We're taking it one step at a time but really striving to still be in attendance at the wedding. 

Please say some big ol' prayers that the third ventriculostomy is an option and works so we don't have to deal with this shunt business anymore and that Abriana stays the super healer she's always been and we're outta here as soon as possible!