The Best Laid Plans...

We all have goals.  
When we're little, we all dream of being something, doing something when we grow up. 
We all make plans.  

Then when you grow up, you realize that your plans don't always work out and your dreams don't always come true.  For many things, if you work hard enough for it and want it bad enough, you can achieve it. However, there are those dreams and plans that just won't work out for you because of circumstances beyond your control. Accepting those things, or even accepting that now may not be the time for those dreams and goals (no matter how badly you want it to be) can be hard. Disheartening. But you have to look forward, create new plans, new dreams. 

I will look forward towards my new goals, my new dreams.  The key may not be thrown away to the locked  door in front of me, but right now, it is lost.  And though I mourn the loss of the key, I will strive for my new dreams with all my heart


Embrace the Camera

This week was my birthday week.  And we have had a celebration with my family, a couple of meals with friends and a party (to-come) this weekend.  It's been fun!

Mike and I after dinner out at a delicious little spot called Chef T's Garden Grill

Me in my new birthday dress.

Embracing the camera with the Andersons.  Happy Embracing!



One Less

There are approximately 47 million orphans in the world.  But today, today there is one less.  My brother-in-law and his wife arrived in Ethiopia and picked up their baby girl today.  I’m so excited that my niece will finally be coming home! 

She has the sweetest face with smooth brown skin, big brown eyes and tufts of curly black hair.  She’s precious, and I can’t wait to meet her in person. 

The journey has been long but well worth it (and I’m sure they’d say the same).  They do still have one more small hurdle to jump before coming home with her.  So please keep them in your prayers as they wrap up this part of their journey and start on a whole new one.



My Husband Rocks

So, I don't know if ya heard... but my husband is quite an awesome guy.  I mean he's usually quite awesome, but these past few weeks he's been super awesome. 

Last week I had the stomach flu.  (Thanks to my niece for that... Littles are just so nice when it comes to sharing their germs) 

My husband picked up bread, crackers and sprite for me on his way home from work.  (I almost didn't make it home without puking and so didn't feel that puking in the grocery store was a desired result for me or the store) 

Then later in the evening, he went out and got me pepto-bismol and pedialyte (which, p.s. is gross. and I don't know how any child could be convinced to drink it).  

He rubbed my back as I puked a day's worth of food (I didn't know you could puke up things you ate 9 hours before) and carried out grocery bags full of my intestinal dislodgements. 

He stayed home with me the next day to make sure I was ok and made me jello (which has become like my new favorite food) and took care of me all day.  

This week while still getting my intestines back on track, the fertility treatments have zapped my energy.  

He stayed home with me and brought me breakfast

He cuddled with me and made me dinner. 

He helped me lay out our goals for 2012 and it's a blessing to know he supports me in all of them. 

We've had great conversations about faith and religion and goals and plans. 

He takes care of me and is simply my favorite person to hang out with. 

I love the way he loves me. 

My husband rocks!

I love you hunnie!