Embrace the Camera

My friend Bonnie and I recently went to Disney's Fort Wilderness campgrounds and roasted marshmallows, made s'mores, and watched Tangled up on a big screen.  For anyone with kids (or those of use who are just big kids) it's an awesome free night out!  You bring your own s'mores stuff but they have the movie and getting in is easy and free! It was a great night out! And Tangled was super cute! :)

Link up at the Anderson's blog



Adventures in Baking

So I love baking and have frequently baked cupcakes for random parties, but just recently got into baking cakes for people.  Here are some of my recent adventures:

First stacked cake I ever made, also the first fondanted cake I ever made.

Second stacked and fondanted cake I made:

First sheet cake I made with buttercream and first piping i ever did... not bad it you ask me:

Second sheet cake  I made with buttercream... I thought I could use the same icing tip to write that I used to make the dots... not my best decision.

So, hopefully there will be many more cakes and adventures but here's my start! :)



Never Second Best

So I realize that I haven't written on here in a hot second... or two.... It's been a busy summer and hopefully I'll find time to give a quick wrap up of what that looked like, but I had something on my mind first.  

Within the past year I've been going down a certain path with a focus on a singular goal, that I have yet to accomplish.  And I don't wish to wallow in my lack of this accomplishment, but sometimes I do throw a small pity party for myself. (so sue me)  

I have always thought that this would be a path I would take and never really considered the complicated mess reaching this goal would become. 

Pardon my vagueness, just not ready to share with the world, but what the goal is really isn't the point.  

Today I forced myself to step away from my usual mindless evening tv to have some quiet, personal time.  I have a devotional, a journal and a daily Bible and try to get through at least one of those a day. (certainly not anywhere near everyday does it happen, but an A for effort, right?) 

So tonight in the devotional I was reading there was the following quote:

"With God, it's never "Plan B" or "second best." It's always "Plan A." And, if we let Him, He'll make something beautiful of our lives." - Gloria Gaither

Sometimes I forget that while I may be on the right path, it doesn't mean that my goal is just around the corner.  It may be five or ten or twenty more corners that I have to turn before I reach my goal... Though I certainly hope that it leans more towards the five than the twenty...  But no matter how many corners or how many hurdles appear, they are all a part of the learning and growing process and that this is how God planned it so that I will be prepared when I do reach that goal and appreciate that success just that much more.  

My new goal..... to let Him make something beautiful out of my life.