My Husband Rocks

So, I don't know if ya heard... but my husband is quite an awesome guy.  I mean he's usually quite awesome, but these past few weeks he's been super awesome. 

Last week I had the stomach flu.  (Thanks to my niece for that... Littles are just so nice when it comes to sharing their germs) 

My husband picked up bread, crackers and sprite for me on his way home from work.  (I almost didn't make it home without puking and so didn't feel that puking in the grocery store was a desired result for me or the store) 

Then later in the evening, he went out and got me pepto-bismol and pedialyte (which, p.s. is gross. and I don't know how any child could be convinced to drink it).  

He rubbed my back as I puked a day's worth of food (I didn't know you could puke up things you ate 9 hours before) and carried out grocery bags full of my intestinal dislodgements. 

He stayed home with me the next day to make sure I was ok and made me jello (which has become like my new favorite food) and took care of me all day.  

This week while still getting my intestines back on track, the fertility treatments have zapped my energy.  

He stayed home with me and brought me breakfast

He cuddled with me and made me dinner. 

He helped me lay out our goals for 2012 and it's a blessing to know he supports me in all of them. 

We've had great conversations about faith and religion and goals and plans. 

He takes care of me and is simply my favorite person to hang out with. 

I love the way he loves me. 

My husband rocks!

I love you hunnie!



Mike Block said...

I think it goes without saying at this point but Love you too! :-)

Laura said...

Lucky girl! You guys are the cutest :) love and miss you both!

Divine Mrs D said...

Awww :)

Aunt Lisa said...

I always said I liked Mike but so glad that he is always there for you. When life throws you tough times it tends to also show you who is there for you, to love and support you. It makes you feel that if you can get through these situations - you can get through anything together. But try not to get the stomach flu again for a while. Give the poor guy a break. Love you both.

amy said...

what a great guy!