The Beginning

I wanted to start a place to keep folks up to date on the lives of MnM (not that we're all that exciting, but none the less) and just document life in general.

So, check back every now and again for notes, comments, life events, pictures, etc.  I'm going to try to keep this regularly updated... but you know how that is sometimes. :) 


(post #1 - check.)



Megan said...

Okay you win..you're an overacheiver! I like your blog but want to see you have 3 kids, complete an international adoption, and run your own daycare and then....and then...blog little miss smarty pants;-)
But honestly it looks awesome-well done!

Megan said...

PS- I'm your first commenter...Go Me!

MnM said...

Megan - no criticism, just some loving encouragement. :)

Can't wait to see yours! :)