Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

Ok, so there weren't actually lions.... or tigers.... or bears... but it was a zoo!  (what can i say, zoos in Florida are small)  Mike and I went to the Sanford Zoo on Saturday and had a great time.  It was a company outing for him.  And we met:

a turkey at the petting zoo... which was funny because you couldn't pet the turkey...

a cheetah chillin' in the shade

an orangutan eating while he was hanging out

the elephant eating lunch

bright and pretty birds

and these two wild animals 

And I got to meet a few of his new co-workers!

But mostly this guy cracked me up:
Zippy lounging
Like he's posing for a magazine. hilarious.

We were excited for this event because the zoo has a zipline/adventure course, and we were ready for the adventure!  But we forgot that you have to wear tennis shoes to be on the course and wore sandals instead...  :(  So no zipline course for us, but we did get to ride the train: 

Mike didn't fit so well. Just another advantage to being short... you fit on the little kid rides! :)

All in all an awesome day at the zoo. And afterwards we went home and watched the Browns.. and they actually won! But I'm not getting my hopes up... It's still pre-season.  But YEA! IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON! :)



Divine Mrs D said...

Is there a reason you couldn't pet the turkey in the petting zoo?!

MnM said...

I think it was a pecking/biting hazard. But I did think it was humorous that the non-pettable animal was in the petting zoo. :P

jonathan said...
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