Embrace the Strawberries,,, er, camera.

This past weekend Mike and I went to the Strawberry Festival with our friends Heath and Erin and their daughter Blakely.  

love this photo (even though my eyes are kinda closed) :)

We saw the usual fun, fair animals, like this crazy rooster:

Saw a fun, little stunt/pirate show:

And of course ate some strawberries

Mike found some super awesome sunglasses.

And we got to hang out with good friends and a cute baby!

Super awesome fun times! (yeah, I said it) :)



Divine Mrs D said...

LOL When I first saw the top photo in my blog roll, I thought it was PhotoShopped. There is a part of me that wishes it was.

Digital Paradise said...

love the Strawberry photo...and the others are so clean and fun too. :)