Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend this past weekend.  Visited with some friends, local and outta towners, sang loudly, welcomed a daughter in her forever family, picnicked with family, and went on a bike ride! Super fun!

Here's the pics:

Singing loudly at Jellyrolls piano bar with Bonnie :D

Mike was nice and hung out with us loud mouths for the night :)


We welcomed home Elsa into her forever family :)


Elsa with Mom and sis :)


Went on a picnic and bike ride with family and dogs


After the ride, the dogs were just a little tired

fun picnics with family :) 


mmmmm, watermelon 

A great weekend with great people and great fun! It was GREAT! :)

More great fun this weekend! 


Our Family of Four said...

Such cute pics! I love picnics.. those are the best!

Grey McDreamy said...

1. You and Bonnie don't appear to be singing the same song. LOL!
2. Love Saki's passed-out pose. Gooch has one just like that.
3. Love the Sophie smile. :o)