Advent Calendar - Day 23

This Christmas has been a crazy Christmas.  It's been really busy and there have been some really exciting things, like my sister finding out she's pregnant with a baby girl and two of our friends having babies.  However, it's also been a tough Christmas season.  After a year and a half of trying, I'm still not pregnant, our one friend's baby is in the NICU because he was born two months premature, our other friend's newborn just had open heart surgery, and my niece is not yet home from Ethiopia.  So lately I haven't been feeling very Christmasy.  

This song reminded me that Christmas isn't about me or how I feel.  It's about rejoicing in the birth of our Savior.  It's not a traditional Christmas song, but it is a bonus track on my SheDaisy Christmas CD. 

"the far off hymn, that hails a new Creation"

"through all the toil and the strife, i hear the music ringing, it finds an echo in my soul" 

How Can I Keep From Singing by SheDaisy


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