Advent Calendar - Day 10

So I've heard Matthew West's One Last Christmas before the Christmas season, but heard his new song the Heart of Christmas just recently.  

Matthew tells the story of the Locke family here:

Dax actually lived through the calendar year and passed away early the next January.  You can see all the lights that neighbors, towns and people all around the world put up for Dax at the family's website.  You can also donate to the Dax Locke Foundation, visit their shop that supports the foundation, and donate to St. Jude's on the Locke's site.  

This year the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) made a movie out of the Locke's story.  You can find out about the movie and where to see it here: http://theheartofchristmasmovie.com/  And with the movie, Matthew West wrote a new song, a song about the message that the Locke family wants to share with everyone, to cherish every moment that you have with those you love, and let them know that you love them every day. 

The Heart of Christmas by Matthew West


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