Meet the Adams

Mike's cousin Kyle married his beautiful girl, Megan, on August 28th.  

We flew up to Ohio on Friday and hung out with Megan, Claire, and Justin in Dublin and then drove up to Geneva-on-the-Lake to meet up with the rest of the family.  We hung out and ate dinner together on Friday night.
The Lodge

Sunset on Lake Erie

Toured the city and enjoyed the pool early on Saturday and then went to the wedding at 5pm.  

It was a beautiful ceremony at a pavilion on the lake. 
watching Megan come down the aisle

saying the vows they wrote... which made everyone cry.. really... everyone.

And then it was a great party (with great food) inside the lodge. 
first dance


the Adams

All around a great weekend hanging out with the family and celebrating Kyle and Megan's wedding!
Congratulations, Adams!

Here's the video of their first dance:



Divine Mrs D said...

So beautiful!!

Pat said...

It was a great time for all!! Thanks for posting! Can you send me a pic of the 4 of us? That's better than the one I have.