Wedding Cake and Wine

So I haven't been able to stick to my once a week post... but I'm going to try to catch up... here's a start...

So you're supposed to eat the top of your wedding cake on your one year anniversary.  Well Mike and I weren't around on our 1 year anniversary (in fact, I'm not even positive that our cake was in the same state as us at the time) and none the less, did not eat it.  We remembered and forgot about it multiple times and our 2 year anniversary rolled around... and the topper was still in our freezer.  So, I decided that it wasn't going to get any better with age and we could always use to free up some space in the freezer, so time to eat it.  We cracked open a bottle of champagne our friend bought us for our wedding (that he gave to us in March, apparently were not the only ones behind) and tried our two and a half year old cake.  

Mike says...
Not bad. 

The funny part was until we cut into the cake, we didn't remember what flavor it was.  It's interesting how much you stress over all those details while planning the wedding and even two years later, don't remember what you picked.  But it was a white cake with an orange cream filling. The filling was delicious, but the outsides of the cake were dry and the outside frosting just tasted freezer burnt. But the center was great in my opinion! :) 

Just following our cake experiment I requested to visit the Florida Orange Groves and Winery.  I'd never been to a winery and just wanted to see one.  So I chose this winery because they make wines from different fruits.  They only sell one wine that's made from grapes.  So we visited the shop and took the tour, did a tasting and bought some delicious stuff!  I learned it takes 4.5 lbs. of fruit to make one bottle of wine.  They do everything on site.  So we got to see everything from the fermentation barrels to the bottling process and hear about how it all started from the owner.  

I super recommend any of their wines!  And they have wine slushies, a wonderful treat for a summer day. :) Here's the place: www.floridawine.com

Here's some of the deliciousness we got:
marinades, Hurricane white sangria, watermelon wine slushie box set

So there's been lots more going on since my last post... I'll try to post again soon. :)



Divine Mrs D said...

Wine slushies sound ssssssssooooooooooo good. Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear there may be some GOOD fruit wines...North Carolina's are not that great! Does this place naturally ferment the fruit or use sulfides? Maybe we can try it when we come and visit.-MOM