Shoes, Glorious Shoes

The radio station I regularly listen to (The JoyFM) annually collects new shoes to bring to orphans in Guatamala or Peru (depending on the year).  I participated by donating some shoes for the kids and dropped them off at a Rack Room Shoes one morning before work, where I got to meet The Morning Cruise (Dave, Bill and Carmen) and the band Mike's Chair

super excited
Carmen, Mike's Chair, and 14 listeners went on the trip to deliver the shoes to the kids.  The group that went would wash the kids feet and then put on socks and shoes.  They would then continue to hang out with the kids and sing and do a craft and share the word of God.  You can check out some of the amazing and moving stories on Carmen's blog.  

It's beautiful to see kids be cared for and shown the love of Christ.