Abriana: Three Months

Three months seemed to be a magical milestone for our little girl. Things we'd been waiting to see or working on with her seemed to click.

  • She holds her head up almost all the time.
  • She sits up fairly well but doesn't have good trunk control yet.
  • She loves motion - car rides, vibrating swings, and moving around when anyone's holding her.
  • She hates lying on her belly ('tummy time')even though she holds up her head fairly well.
  • She loves her bassinet and hates her crib.... We're trying to change that.
  • She visually tracks things.
  • She responds to voices and noises.
  • She loves to eat her hands.  
  • She's smiled since about 2 months but has recently become more responsive to people with it.
  • She's weighing in at over ten pounds but still hasn't hit her daddy's birth weight yet.

Day One - Three Months

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