New Perspective: Surgery

So the other week I was sitting in church, listening to the message.  It was about being children of God and that's when it hit me. While my daughter may be MY daughter, before she was ever my daughter, she is a child of God.  He dreamed her up and created her.  

I've had so many fears about this upcoming surgery. I know it will be tough.  Tough to see her go through surgery and to see her in pain, when I can do next to nothing about it. Tough to be stuck at the hospital. Tough to trudge through the long road to recovery. But my biggest fear has been losing her. Having some complication and going home without our little girl.  And let me be clear, if this were to happen, I would be devastated. But devastated with sense of peace too. 

She is God's child first.  He created her and one day (sooner or later) He'll call her home. I can only request that He make her return home much MUCH later, but should it be sooner, I must trust in His plan. 

It is this thought that gives me a sense of peace going into surgery.

As I begin to prepare to go to the hospital, every cuddle is precious, every squeeze that much more meaningful.  My fear hasn't ceased to exist but it is contained knowing that God is in control. 

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