So we had every appointment under the sun today! It was nice to get it all done in one day and have Mike there to help, but it's been a long day.

First up, we met with the plastic surgeon. He said everything looks great and took off the steri-strips. We asked about the bump on top of her head, along her incision and he said it's bone that he grafted there that will eventually level out and blend in. They took some pictures, said see you in 6 months, and we were off to our next appointment across town.  

Last picture with the steri-strips. 

Next up was hematology. They did the usual height, weight, and paperwork. Upon review by the Hematologist, clinically she looks fine. The blood clot isn't affecting the coloring or temperature of her leg and foot. So the doctor wanted an ultrasound to review the clot's status. They managed to set one up with radiology over in St. Pete. Making it appointment number five of the day.

Hands are delicious even in the hematology office.

We then went next door to get an MRI. Abriana screamed for ten seconds and I thought that going in with her was going to be a terrible decision but then she fell asleep. I was seriously comforted when she was zonked.

After thinking we lost our blanket and finding it in the car, we were off to All Children's Hospital for our other appointments. A little snooze in the car for Abriana, and we were up to see Neurosurgery. They looked at her and said you look great! Get on outta here! :) We'll see ya in three months! They did show us her CT scan which we later wished we would have taken a picture of to explain to everyone else, but it was a great display to help is understand what her bone structure now looks like.

Nap time.

Next it was down to radiology for that ultrasound where they reviewed the thrombosis in her right femoral artery. And we learned they added an x-ray of her skull to the list. She was very good for the ultrasound but of course screamed for the x-ray. We won't know what hematology has to say about the thrombosis until at least tomorrow. We'll either see them in a week or six months.

Still a happy girl at ultrasound. 

Entranced by the cartoons.

Mike looking VERY pretty in his sparkly purple led x-ray vest.

We then drove around the corner to see my buddy Dwayne at USF St. Pete. He showed us around the new student union and got to snuggle with Abriana. (I swear I took a picture but it's no where on my phone - boo.)

All in all a long, but good, day.

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