Post-Op Day 3

Today has been another good day!

Early EARLY this morning they detached Abriana's IV line. She was only getting 10 cc's an hour and had begun to feed well. She has two IV's still I'm her arms but they're not attached to anything.

Early this morning she had an ultrasound on her femoral artery blood clot. It's still there so they're starting her on an aspirin regimen to keep platelets from sticking to the clot and making it bigger.

She had an MRI as well and the neurosurgeon said everything looks good.
We then got the word that she was being released to a regular recovery floor. So we moved rooms and she got rid of a lot of wires! Love having a wireless baby!

The plastic surgeon also said she's looking good!

We're starting to see more and more of our baby girl coming back. Little smiles. Raspberries. Looking around, checking everything out. It warms my heart to see her personality shine through.

Enjoyed some visits from family and friends today and two delicious deliveries too!

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Juliana T said...

wonderful to see she is doing so well!