Thank you

So I thought I was ready. I took Abriana to her pre-op appointment today. She did really well and didn't even cry when they drew her blood. We had to wait for a written approval from cardiology because of her arterial septal defect (ASD).

I called later in the afternoon to confirm that she'd been cleared for surgery by cardiology and got the all clear. ::phew!:: I was feeling pretty good and prepared. And then I received a call from neurosurgery....

Her CT scan from last Friday revealed that her ventricles had inexplicably grown. So the neurosurgeon needs her to come in and get an X-ray and an MRI tomorrow before surgery. This rattled me.  I had a plan.  Now I'm juggling to get answers and making new plans. <insert panic attack here> So now we'll be venturing to the hospital even earlier than our previous 6am call. And they'll be searching to figure out whether her shunt isn't working or if it's having some sort of problem or why her ventricles are growing.

I suppose I'd rather them find out what's wrong and fix it now when they're already having to go in there, but the uncertainty of not knowing why it's happening or how they can fix it gives me anxiety.

On a separate note, what this post was originally intended to say was: Thank you. Thank you to all the wonderful people thinking of us and praying for us and supporting us. We really appreciate it, more than words could possibly say.

As my niece said during a conversation about how tomorrow is Abriana's big day:
 "no it's not her big day tomorrow, it will be a bad day for her because she has to have brain surgery, it will be her little day. The rest of her days will be her big days because she will be all better".

Yes, indeed, little one.  Tomorrow is a little day.  All the days after will be big days. Cheers to those big days ahead.

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