Surgery Day Updates

2:18am - Last feeding before surgery, Abriana went back to bed.
3am - shower, pack the car
4:17am - one last diaper change and we're on the road to All Children's

5:44am - Checked in at surgery registration

6:20am - IV in and screaming

7am - X-rays (shunt series)
7:40am - in MRI - put under for short series

8:17am - Headed to the OR
10am - All her lines are in, getting ready to check out the shunt
10:45am - spoke with the plastic surgeon who is currently watching from the sidelines as they work on the shunt. Arterial line took a long time to put in.
11am - met with the neurosurgeon. Shunt was blocked and was replaced. Now they'll start on the encephalocele repair.
Noon - Plastic surgeon has just begun the repair
1pm - neurosurgeon is almost done with his part and is going to close the dura matter and then the bone reconstruction can start.
1:40pm - talked with the neurosurgeon - he's closed removed the protruding brain matter and closed the dura matter. He's happy with the thickness of the dura. She's had minimal blood loss.
2pm - plastic surgeon is working to reconstruct her nose
3pm - neurosurgeon is done. Plastic surgeon has been able to move her eyes a little closer together and reshape the nose. Multiple people have said what an amazing plastic surgeon he is.
4pm - all the plates and screws are in place. The plastic surgeon is deciding what skin to remove and how to close her up. Estimated surgery completion 5:30pm.
5:10pm - talked with the plastic surgeon, they're still stitching her up but he showed us pictures and she looks great! Waiting to go see her!
6:20pm - she's up in the PICU and we're headed up to see her.

Overall it was a long day but it was made bearable by those who sent messages and prayers and came to visit and cheered us on. The doctors say she did very well. They were able to do a little more in depth reconstruction than they thought they would be able to. So that's great! We expect lots of swelling and crabbiness in the next few days.

She's currently spiking a fever which is normal after brain surgery but needs to come down so they can extibate her.
Abriana 2.0:


Jessica Gipson said...

Luke 8:50 - But Jesus on hearing this answered him, “Do not fear; only believe, and she will be well.”

Mary Gundrum said...

Praying, praying, praying for you and your mamma's heart....